My Acne cover up routine!



Unfortunately I have not been graced with amazing skin, I am an acne sufferer! Anyone out there that suffers from acne can relate to how horrible it actually is! Your skin is bumpy, sore and extremely red and requires a lot of work to camouflage. Over the past 2 years (when my acne has been its worst) I have created a cleansing and makeup routine which calms my skin down the most, as well as hiding my spots. Above is a before shot, this is how my acne typically looks most mornings extremely red with swollen spots, and beside it is an image of the same cheek after I done my skin care and makeup routine. Below I will give a step by step outline as to what products I use and my routine. Thank you for viewing and I hope this helps someone out there! xxxx


Before makeup:

  • Wash skin with La Roche-Posay foaming face wash
  • Cleanse skin with La Roche-Posay exfoliating cleanser
  • Apply La Roche-Posay targeted breakout corrector to spots
  • Apply Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser


  • MAC prep + prime skin refined zone treatment to t-zone (that’s where I am oiliest)
  • MUA flawless skin primer over rest of face
  • Natural collection green concealer stick to red spots/ blemishes
  • Laura Mercier secret camouflage SC-3 applied to spots
  • Apply foundation over top, I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW20, Revlon Colour Stay Warm Golden or Estee Lauder Double Wear Desert Beige, all for greasy skin with staying power!
  • Apply matte powder to face
  • Second concealer, I use MAC Studio finish NW15
  • Apply a thin layer of powder again to set the concealer

I only use this routine when I want to completely cover my spots, as it is a lot of makeup! If I am staying indoors I try to let my skin breathe and wear nothing/ barely anything on my skin. If you do recreate this look, please remember to  wash your skin and cleanse cleanse cleanse! Cleansing is such an important factor to anyone’s skin routine, especially so if you have acne! Hope this helped xxxxxxxxxx







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3 responses to “My Acne cover up routine!

  1. Reblogged this on Lola Ann Photography and commented:
    Amazing for any of you acne sufferer’s! This girl knows her stuff..


  2. You’ve done an amazing job x


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